My name is Engin Kurutepe and I am a mobile product expert

Hello there!

My name is Engin Kurutepe. I’ve been shipping apps since the first iPhone SDK came out in 2008 and had the opportunity to get involved with many apps and gather a broad set of experience in the field of mobile apps. Since I started full-time consulting in 2014, my clients have been benefiting from my skills in the following areas:

Please contact me for inquiries. Also happy to grab a coffee to discuss your project if you are in Berlin.

I recently started AppCare, a subscription service for app maintenance. If you own an app in maintanence mode which generates revenue and/or supports another business, contact me me to discuss opportunities on how we can help you improve your ROI and extend the life of your app.

I believe in contributing our community and I’ve been co-organizing UIKonf, an independent conference for serious developers since 2015.

In my free-time, or whatever is left of it after little Oskar joined us in 2014, I fly gliders at FCC Berlin.

If you have any comments and or feedback please do reach out. I can be best reached over Twitter or over email.