I’m very proud of my three friends who finished the Berlin Marathon today. It was so inspiring to support and cheer for them!

If my math is correct, we’d need to forest 3 times the whole area of Brandenburg to offset the CO2 output of Berlin.

Apparently one acre of new forest can capture 2.5 tons of CO2. That is 6.2 tons per hectare. http://urbanforestrynetwork.org/benefits/air%20quality.htm

I wonder how much would it cost to buy up some farmland, convert it to a forest and capture tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere.

There is no privacy online.

“When we watch TV, our TVs watch us back and track our habits. This practice has exploded recently since it hasn’t faced much public scrutiny. But in the last few days, not one but *three* papers have dropped that uncover the extent of tracking on TVs. Let me tell you about them.”