Fly with Engin

A double seater glider during a winch launch
Glider during winch launch

I fly gliders in Lüsse and after years of flying I’m still childishly awed by the fact you can fly many hours over multiple hundred kilometers in a plane with no engine, using only the energy in the atmosphere. I really enjoy taking curious people for a discovery flight and share this joy of silent flying.

If you’re in/near Berlin and would like to fly with a glider, I’m happy to take you on a flight in one of our club two seaters and answer any questions you might have about gliders.

I try to be out on the airfield at least once a week when the weather is good. If you’d like to join me please drop me a line on Twitter and we’ll arrange a day.

Before coming out to the airfield:

  • Plan to spend a few hours at the airfield. On a summer weekend there is constant activity and you might have to wait for your turn to fly.
  • Make sure you slept well, ate well (not too little, not too much) and are not hungover from a night of partying. Flying gliders can be hard on your senses and feeling well and rested is the best way to reduce the risk of motion sickness.
  • Keep hydrated: bring a bottle with you, you can refill at the airfield
  • Bring some snacks, you might be out in the airfield for a few hours. Even if you don’t feel like eating something, sharing is caring and our friendly club members will even be friendlier when fed with snacks
  • You MUST have a hat with NO button at the top. A bucket hat is the glider pilot accessory.
  • Bring sun glasses and sun protection
  • It is windier out on the airfield than it is in the big city. Consider bringing a light jacket with you.

Finding the Airfield:

By car: navigate to Lüsse 14806, you can’t miss it.

By train: take the regional express RE 7 to Baitz. Give me a call and I’ll pick you up from the train station.

Disclaimer: I like to think that I am a safe pilot but flying small planes is an inherently risky activity. You’ll be wearing a rescue parachute, just in case. Accident data suggests that flying gliders has a higher risk than riding motorcycles.